Never Land Day care is an in-home daycare for children ages 2-5 that I highly recommend! 


Our Experience

Our daughter started when she was 27 months old and has now been there for almost six months. In that time, she has never complained of going to Nina's, loves going, and has learned and grown so much. (The day care provider's name is Nary but the kids affectionally call her "Nina " which translates to, "Aunt". 


-Nina is sooo sweet, patient, and loving with the kids... she really treats all of them as though they're an extension of her own family. Some examples, she is genuinely so happy/proud of the children when they do something special or and will reach out with genuine concern to see how your little one is doing when they're sick. 

- Fresh, healthy, yummy, home-made, hot breakfast & lunch and snack every day. The kids definitely eat well... She even finds creative ways to get pickier eaters to eat! 

- Super Clean. You know how day cares often have that smell (let's be honest, I'm referring to urine smell)? Nina's place always smell like so inviting (seriously, like brownies and roses or something)! Bathrooms, tables, floors, the children's cots, etc are always very clean. Also since she teaches the kids to put items away before selecting another activity, the place is always very well organized. 

-Nary is often evolving her program by creating new "centers" (e.g. make believe play via puppet theater), introducing new toys, (e.g. playing doctor, salon, or construction), activities (e.g. playing toddler dodge ball... the cutest thing!), or crafts (e.g. making paper ornaments), etc. 

- Super friendly for dual-working parents. The daycare is generally only closed on federal holidays and Nary communicates her semi-annual vacations months in advance. Again, this is sooo helpful for dual working parents. 

-Preschools are often defined as play-based or learning-based, Never Land applies a hybrid approach (and what I think more effective) of learning through play. Seriously, you will see the kids are generally always happy when there and learn sooo much! 

- Very good communicator. Examples: when kids nap, Nary often sends pictures of what your child did that day or she will proactively reach out about things like behavior, potential allergies, potty and developing socially. 

- Here you can rest assured that your little one is in good hands, very well taken care of, entertained, and developing socially. 

- At least weekly, Nary's husband ( who the kids call "Uncle" ) will play with the kids. Anthony is full of positive and fun energy that I think the kids find him to be a real treat. 

Cons ( there really aren't any for this day care but if I had to say one thing...)

- Backyard/patio space is limited. That said, Nary takes the kids out daily to play in the spacious areas around the complex (like the courtyard areas) or for field trips to the nearby Safeway shopping center. 

Finding the right day care is often stressful (especially for first-time parents!) but from one parent to another, Nary and her day care are a real gem... you will definitely get more than just a "day care" for your little one here.