"I can't begin to express everything that Neverland Daycare has provided for my three children. They began with Nary in 2014 and it's been a positive experience for our entire family. As a mom, I understand the struggle of finding the best care for our babies. There are many options out there and I struggled with finding the perfect fit. It was important to me to find a person that fit individually yet as a whole with each child and our family. I was at a crossroads with whether or not this existed because I faced certain obstacles with each provider I previously hired. Nary came into our life at the perfect time and has been a blessing for our family. I have felt nothing but comfort when sending my children to her. 

My children have excelled greatly as individuals. The morals that Neverland teaches are parallel to my own and that makes a huge impact because I feel that we act as a team. Their various aspects of growth are evident. Not only have I seen my children grow but I have seen tremendous growth in the other children at daycare. Unconditional care is what the kids feel but  learn to project that on to their daycare friends as well. 

The curriculum that is implemented has prepared my kids for the next steps in their education. They've developed confidence in their learning and have motivation to learn more each day. Each day I pick them up, they're eager to show me something they've created or learned. I receive daily pictures, videos, and updates so I feel like I am not missing out on special moments. 

Nary touches on all aspects of learning; ranging from health promotion, healthy eating, exercise, reading, writing, shapes, colors, days of the week/month, art, sight words, etc. She teaches the group as a whole but also takes the time for individualized lessons which I believe is equally important for children. 

Neverland Daycare has worked with me to develop happiness, love, confidence, and all around growth in my three children. It's been their home away from home. They love Nary with all their hearts and words can't express what a great feeling this is. I know whole heartedly that my kids are well taken care of when I'm away from them and I trust Nary to the fullest. We are very proud to be a part of the Neverland Daycare family!

Nary also makes each child's birthday extra special and has a party to celebrate. She makes it so memorable for everyone. Her excitement to teach them and play with them is unique and one of a kind. It's very apparent that she possesses a passion in what she does each day."

Angelica Alfonso Lodge, RN, BSN